2025 but before?
2025 is both long and short. Can we now consider emerging technologies to date and start preparing? The answer is yes in my opinion because all the information is present. It is useless to seek the black information, analyze the gray information is largely sufficient to infer a.
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Innovation Scoreboard 2013
The 2013 edition of the European Commission ‘Innovation Union Scoreboard’ concludes that the gap between countries in terms of innovation performance is growing within the EU. Countries defined as innovation leaders are Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Finland, followed by the Netherlands, Belgium or the UK. The Baltic countries have.
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Collaborative innovation and international development
In a previous article, I talked about the concept of Open Innovation, so in continuity, I decided today to talk about collaborative innovation. Innovation is linked to business competitiveness. It allows to create wealth and new services. The globalization of markets has led to an acceleration of the competition.
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