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Innov'Concept is a consulting company specialized in the field of breakthrough innovation, digital transformation and socio-prospective analysis
We have choose to be at Montreal, one of the best place in the world for Innovation development.

We work in the strictest confidentiality to guarantee our customers the best possible competitive advantage.
Our focus is on a specific methodology in the field of innovation creation based on the C-K theory. We help you develop an eco-system that allows you to work on your organization developpement, your corporate culture and collaboration.


It's Clear, today, the companies that do not develop innovation within their organization or services will become a short-term problem.
Artificial intelligence, internet of thing, block Chain ... become increasingly important in the value chain of the service offered .
Our approach will allow you to develop a clear vision and a RID allowing you to become an innovative company.
Digital transformation
The relation between the customers is clearly in the virtual now and focus on the user experience is very important. Use all tools allowing you to develop a performing organisation and a digital culture are very important. Project management and change management are essential sto allow you to reach your goal.
Our expertise will help you to go in a good way.
Socio Prospective
The environment was safe, but the glocalisation, the political environment, geostrategic, internet, has completely changed the situation. Companies must rebuild an environment of analysis and foresight to be able to quickly adapt their service to the challenges of the future
We help you to create your future to build an organization based on these issues.

Good advice is priceless when you are starting up a business. Your growth is very important and you need someone where you can have confidence and can help to manage that ! You are a young company (or not) and you need some advice to not make errors. We can propose you to follow you and to help you in your decision and strategy orientation
International Development
We helped some innovative companies to go at international. We have developped a nice experience and we know it's not simple. Big incertitude, business culture, service must be better in own country. Lot of thing to make if you want to go at international. Our experience can help you to build a success project.
Business network
We are very strong in competitive intelligence and we have developped a big network. But it's not enough, the relation between the actors are very important. We are working hard to allow you in a project to make good some contacts and to develop a good view on your target in short time. Bring innovation on a new market in not simple, and in our approach we can help you to control the risks.


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