Explore innovative projects. products, services, concepts, processes and these are the areas where we focus our expertise and our commitment to bring them to the international


A team of experienced professionals in marketing, strategy, technology will accompany you throughout the project to give you the advice for your project


The implementation of the strategy is in the right direction. The objective is to stimulate growth and allow to enable the creation of an autonomous company

We work with innovative companies who want / have created an disruptive innovation on a product, service, concept,  process or to help the company awant to change thier organisation culture to adapt at the intensive innovation.

The market is in acceleration and now the competitors are global. Innovation is a way that the company must to take and to develop a new service /product with a high value.
The problem is how to make and how to develop the market beyond their borders or to adapt our organisation at this challenge.

I2C provides services for innovative companies who want to be create / present very quickly an disruptive  service / product with a good process and strategy or want to change their organization culture.

Our goal is to help you to create your disruptive innovation adapted to your market by a process methodology or your organisation,  to help you develop your new market. We are working in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

Then you can easily get an innovative image and international company and to make the difference on our market.

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